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osport:sireadouteng [2014/08/13 11:44]
taksoft Updated 13082014
osport:sireadouteng [2016/03/01 16:34]
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-====== SPORTident Readout for *Manager ​ ====== 
-  * Programm: ** SPORTIDENT readout ** 
-  * Versioon: 0.0 2014.xx.xxx 
-  * Kuupäev: 01.08.2014 (Tarmo Klaar) 
-  * Koduleht: http://​www.tak-soft.com ​ 
-This is program for reading data from SPORTIdent cards. Programm supports all cards (SI-5, SI-6, SI-8, SI-9, SI-10, SI-11, SI-Air (AC), SI-pCard, SI-tCard, SI-fCard) 
- ​{{ROM_image008.jpg?​168x275}}\\ 
-Start program SIReadout.exe. 
-    * Enter Server IP address and port (default port is 6001). Test connection between server and SIReadout pressing Test connection button. 
-    * Select SI station serial port and speed (if SI master station using 38400 speed -- select “BSM7 38400”). 
-    * Check "Auto Start" to automatically start readout procedure ​ 
-    * SIME support for open Courses - (optional) check this if you need results file for Open course in SIME format. 
-    * Multi SI-Chip support - (optional) check this if runner have more than 1 card to readout full course (very long events or when course have more controls than cards memory can store). 
-    * To print out results sheets for runner select "Print result"​ 
-      * Select printer (defined in Windows Printers list) and layout driver according your printer. 
-      * Label for stand - small printout to put on resuls stand 
-      * If you like to print out speed, select min/km or km/h (distances between controls had to be defined in course descriptions) 
-  * To start readout press **Start button** 
-    * If you haven'​t chek Auto start - select Serial port where SI station is connected and press START 
-    * Insert SI cards into SI reader 
-    * If connection with *Manager was successful program will printout results. ​ 
-      * Possible errors: 
-        * Card not found - check card number in *Manager 
-        * Course or starttime not found - check runners class and course in *Manager 
-    * From menu "​Reprint"​ you can print out last results sheet 
-    * SI Readout stores all raw data from SI cards into SSD files (file name includes readout date). You can use this file after event or when you have (temporary) network problems ​ - choose from menu Backup-> From file-> select SSD file (make copy from active SSD file first) -> press Read button -> Select SI cards you need to (re)import into event program --> OK 
-    * You can read backup data stored in SI station memory :: Backup-> Read from memory 
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